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Cash flow is king. Arguably this is the most important factor in literally all forms of wealth creation. You can’t bet on your balance sheet to create a lifestyle. Meaning you may have a net worth in excess of $1m or more, but it’s the income it creates where you gain immediate value.

Despite what 99% of the population thinks, there are still areas in Australia where you can find positive cashflow properties. However not all would be deemed “investment worthy”. To recognise positive cash flow property in highly sort after areas you need to know what to look out for and ensure a sound long-term opportunity.

 You’ll Learn The Cash Flow Secrets To:

  • Identifying long-term property
  • Australia’s coastal growth corridors
  • Why cash-flow is better than growth
  • Why negative gearing doesn’t work anymore
  • How to implement the system to replace your working income and retire
  • How to transform a negative property into a property one


We may have said the core value in an asset lies within its cash flow. But we cannot deny the truth of manufacturing growth and the delayed gratification of earning growth on growth. Learn how to create opportunities in any market and build your own property boom. In fact, it’s in slow markets where opportunity can come knocking because previously it would have been sold at the premium price, and now there’s room to negotiate.

Learn How To Create Instant Equity & Capital Growth By:

  • Looking at subdivisions, planning, development approvals changes, zoning changes and dual occupancy
  • When to decide on property driven by capital growth over cash flow
  • Creating instant equity on the purchase
  • Reviewing history figures and mapping future predictions
  • Investing in property without using any of your own money
  • Understanding vendor finance and put and call options
  • How to present no money down deals hard for vendors to resist


Taxes are the single largest and one of the most sure things an average Australian will expect to pay during their working life. The question is how much? And the more you earn, well you know the story, the more you pay in taxes. We literally pay taxes in just about everything to interact in. The wealthy learn these key strategies fast and if you are paying more than $25,000 per year in tax then you need to learn them too.

 You’re Tax Strategy Secrets Include:

  • Learn legal and ethical tax secrets of the rich that can massively slash your tax burden and start putting some of that cash savings to real use
  • Understand tax variations and how this impacts cash flow
  • The rules to depreciating your asset properly
  • What are the best structures to buying property in and how this impacts your tax
  • Salary sacrificing, what can you really offset
  • Get tax relief with superannuation contributions
  • How to reduce your tax legally to $0


Undoubtedly, risk management and protecting your home, investments and assets should be your highest priority. But so many times I see investor portfolios at risk, with zero risk management strategies in place.

If building wealth and generating a passive income is your goal, then you must learn how to protect your assets and your income against litigation and creditors. Safe-proof your investments and protect your family home and assets against lawsuits.

 Learn Asset Protection Secrets Like:

  • Stand alone securities
  • Layered asset protection
  • Use of trust funds and corporate trustees
  • Insurances relevant to your strategy
  • Worry-free risk management