Our Area Of Expertise

Ensuring the right recipe for success begins with our people and the importance of relationships. Combining 50 years experience in property and wealth creation our friendly team understand the value of keeping it simple and building working relationships that are results driven. We pride our selves on working at a specialised investment capacity that includes the benefit of 10 individual services who work together as a team to meet our customer needs. With a strong attention to detail our goals are driven by our love for property in helping investors achieve positive property solutions guided by our value for integrity and ethical processes.

Continued research and development and a strong online presence in the areas of property and financial products play an integral part in our servicing and ensuring our area of expertise remains current and ahead of market trends and competition.

What You Get With Our 10 Services

STEP 1 Property Market Research

Enjoy both internal and independent research from various credible sources, we provide our members with accurate valuations, property information & analytics that identify emerging markets and high growth corridors.

Research Analyst

Present due diligence reports, rent appraisals and valuations on property reports
Research performing areas, high growth corridors
Look into supporting infrastructure, vacancy rates, yields and forecasted growth

STEP 2 Real Estate

The Real Estate team affiliated with Inside Wealth is dedicated to locating and negotiating on properties for the exclusive benefit of our members. There are no restrictions with locations or property types.

Property Consultant

Abide by our Strict 8 Step Property Selection Criteria
Source the right property matched to out perform your financial situation
Include cash flows and property reports to calculate yield & performance

STEP 3 Finance

With over 40 lender relationships and over 1200 products to choose from, ensuring the right means of leverage and borrowing has never been more flexible and competitive. Our finance team cover investment structures capable to help growing your portfolio and saving your time and money.

Mortgage Broker Specialist

Over 40 lenders
Specialised investment lending platforms
SMSF lending & tax effective loan structuring

STEP 4 Legal

Sometimes the legal side of any transaction can be costly. There’s contracts that need legal attention and reviews, estate planning and structuring of title ownerships and disbursements. With our program you can relax and know we've got it covered, as we cover the complete legal solution for your investment purchase.


Contract & structuring advice
Estate planning
Legal advice

STEP 5 Risk Management

Devising the financial plan subject to your individual circumstances and learn how to protect your financial future. With our program you will enjoy a specialised advisor to value your assets, liabilities and help adopt necessary insurance and or appropriate risk management practices to ensure your portfolio is well protected.

Financial Planner

Review superannuation
Run stress test cash flow report
Mitigation process

STEP 6 Managing Your Property

Enjoy a complete property management solution from an agency with experience into local areas include sourcing, vetting and securing the right tenant. Ensuring a complete end-to-end management service at reduced member discount and with the flexibility to choose the rental guarantee that suits you.

Property Manager

Worry-free property management
Introducing our PMG (Property Management Guarantee)
Reduced property management costs to keep more cash in your pocket

STEP 7 Pre-Building Assessment

Ensure quality workmanship at hand over with a complete building inspection by having an independent and qualified third party building inspector assess the quality of build and ensure nothing of a substandard quality.

Building Inspector

Initial building inspection
Defects report and photography
Follow up building inspection for quality control

STAGE 8 Tax Depreciation

Understanding the benefit of a quantity surveyor to ensure maximum allowable non-cash deductions and increase specific tax related specifications against the proposed investment purchase.

Quantity Surveyor

Prepare a full tax depreciation & cash flow allowance report
40 year period report in Diminishing Value methods
40 year period report in Prime Costs methods

STEP 9 Calculating Tax Savings

Manage the income to outgoings and determine how the property performs in the aspect of tax. Have a qualified accountant evaluate the benefit of introducing PAYG withholding variations that contribute to increasing cash flow.


PAYG tax variations
Assess your tax liabilities and rebates
Strategise how to reduce your tax (legally)
Receiving your tax savings weekly, fortnightly or monthly

STAGE 10 CARE Services & Support

Complete support with administration, banking, reporting, property and any finance needs at both pre and post settlement. Whether it is help with understanding processes, advice on paperwork our team is here to help.

Care Consultant

Online support 24/7
One on one Care support
Help with understanding paperwork, policies and procedures
Co-ordinating advisors and helping with WILLS, functionality of loans and properyty enquiries
No matter how big, how small or how unsually out of the box your enquiry may be? Our team can handle it!

The Inside Wealth Guarantee

Measuring the performance of our services not by what we say, but more by what we do is standard company practice. So to ensure this commitment we have adopted necessary service level agreements and service guarantees to ensure this high quality service. All these service guarantees are complimentary and built across all our integrated 10 services to support long term customer relationship and trust.

Why Choose Us

      • We pay the professional costs for all 10 services
      • Access to hundreds of suitable wholesale properties
      • Extra incentives and guarantees
      • Select properties with the due diligence & financial reports
      • Access to tax & superannuation strategies

What Client’s Say

I first was introduced to Inside Wealth 2 years ago when I needed to find a way to realise the equity within my property portfolio to make my money work better for me. I have an aggressive but sound approach to property investment and previously had dealt directly with the financial institutions, but this time they were not giving to my proposals & strategies. I needed a Broker who had “Inside Knowledge” & able to find the right “Fit” for my investment needs. Dean Tahana has worked closely with me over this time to help achieve several deals and reach the goals I strived for. Any good investor knows he can’t do it all himself, its important to surround yourself with the right team of people to make your goals a reality, Dean & Inside Wealth are in my team & that works for me
Stuart Mitchell, Chef
We have been to several other “property investment” seminars listening to their strategies, but nothing has compared to the experience & skills the team at Inside Wealth offered us. Their portfolio approach to our investment strategy outweighed the competition by far.
Pete & Barbara, Driver
I have been investing in property for some years now but have never come across a company that presented property opportunities with incentives the way Inside Wealth has. Not only were they deal makers, they negotiated everything on my behalf and aligned all the ducks in a row which made everything completely stress-free. Would recommend your business anytime.
Richard , Accountant